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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  June 4, 2021 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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the show. it's national doughnut day. >> stores are giving away delicious meals. dunkin' offering free doughnut. krispy kreme giving out a free doughnut of your choice. todd: freebie. i question the business model krispy kreme they give away a lot of stuff for free. jillian: we'll take it "fox & friends" starts right now. >> according to a new vanity fair report staffers were warned not to probe the origins. >> we collectively aallowed a state consensus to emerge. jillian: turns hotel into ice holding facility. >> they refused to give us answer. we had no it idea who they are if they they have activities. >> , could latest solution to the crime surge get rid of jail. >> if we want to reduce violent crime. the answer is to stop building more of them.
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[speaking spanish] >> he was talking to his mom for the first time and overwhelmed. >> the sonic boom held around the world. united airlines to fly passengers on a super sonic jet in just under three hours. ♪ down on the corner ♪ out in the street ♪ '. lawrence: if you think god's country, "fox & friends" your morning show. i'm here with brian and ainsley. brian, the audience doesn't like the way you are treating them. brian bine that is not true. lawrence: i got several messages brian is being hard on lawrence on his first week. brian: first week? what are you talking about. lawrence: i just got the promotion. brian: and all we hear is about
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lawrence's promotion. ainsley: lawrence opened the show yesterday yes i'm here on the curvey couch with my steants assistants brian and ainsley. brian: you don't think i'm going to take that personal. ainsley: brian said i have been here 24 years. brian and ainsley and brian are joining me. i thought that was interesting way to sign in for steve. will cain was at home taking notes i should open that way ains. lawrence: i wasn't good to my other colleagues. ainsley: we are so glad you are here filling in for steve. [laughter] okay, it's 6:02 on the east coast. we have a lot to get. to say this is a big story. we have been following it all morning. former state department leaders listen to this. they reveal that they were warned not pursue an investigation into the origins of covid. brian: talk about a fast-moving story this is the utter definition of it. they told fox news it was all over fears of bringing attention to u.s. funding of wuhan's research lab.
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lawrence: this is unbelievable. griff jenkins joins us live from washington with more. griff, what do you know? this is just unbelievable. griff: well, we are learning it's very fast evolving for sure as you guys pointed out, lawrence, brian, ainsley, good morning to you. now the state department officials say they were warned that you might, quote, open a can of worms. that is according to vanity fair, fox news has since confirmed that as details concerning the investigation could bring unwanted attention to gain of function research wuhan lab, because the lab had received u.s. funding. dr. fauci still maintained that the virus likely originated in bats. the evidence points otherwise. former white house white house testing czar brett giroir has had this to say. >> sars leaked out and caused deaths. anthrax leaked out of a soviet laboratory and killed 70 people. lab leaks are not uncommon. data like people getting ill in
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november from the laboratory. if that proves true, that coincides exactly when we know this virus hit china. griff: the former cdc director says he was even threatened for his views challenging the biological bat theory. >> i have spent my life in virology. i do not believe this somehow came from a bat to a human. normally in a pathogen goes from a genome to human it takes a while to figure out how to become more and more efficient in human-to-human transmission. i just don't think this blidges sense. >> the response to the vanity fair piece. no effort was made at any time to suppress or withhold information from senior policy makers or the public. this as republicans push for a gain of function probe. congressman michael waltz saying this a litany of mounting evidence raises legitimate concerns regarding the safety and security of federally funded research to the wuhan lab.
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meanwhile, the white house standing by dr. fauci after this email is released showing new light on what he may or may not have known about covid origins, lawrence, brian, ainsley? brian: that's an explosive story. the only thing i would add to that two things here. what happened and what did we do while it was happening that might have saved some of the 500, getting close to 600,000 american lives and millions around the globe? robert redfield said i'm seeing this coming out when he was cdc director. he calls over to china. i received a message from the head of the chinese center for their version of the cdc. said redfield immediately offered to send a team of specialists when he saw that this covid-19 virus was taking root. he was suspicious of the wuhan lab. if the team finds samples in workers there this could be convincing evidence this is a problem. he never got back to him. we had the right instincts and move but the cooperation was never there on china's side. that should have made clear by
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from day one by the scientific community. ainsley: i think what opened up all of this in this investigation rand paul was going back and forth with dr. fauci. he was on our show yesterday. he said gain of function research is when you take an animal virus and you make it a super virus and study how it would affect humans. that's what they do in this lab. is it coincidental in november of 2019 three doctors from wuhan lab go to the hospital with signs of cody? then it starts to spread in wuhan that november. then it goes to beijing first case december 8th. then it comes to america in january. brian: might have been here sooner. ainsley: some people think they had it in december. lawrence: there is a lot of things political in country. scientists should not be political. brian: they are. lawrence: jamie metzl is a democrat. he said there is a lot of politics being involved with the science and he was on tucker last night. take a look. >> early last year, i was
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looking at the evidence and it was -- there was this fake consensus i felt saying well, we know something that nobody i felt knew that it was natural origin, i was looking at all of the data that was suggesting to me that a lab incident origin was really possible. i started asking those questions. and i think everybody should have been asking those questions. some were. but there was a forced consensus that was pushed by -- certainly by the chinese but by a number. even a small number of scientists who had very significant conflicts of interest. unfortunately, we allowed. we collectively allowed a fake consensus to emerge. i think that stifled some very healthy question-asking. ainsley: is he a progressive democrat. think about what he said. nobody felt it was natural think was pushed by the chinese. we allowed a fake consensus. i talked to one doctor he said if you look at the virus there is a receptor that's been added to the virus.
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he said that is a human had to add that receptor testing this virus. brian: i have got to tell you when you see the politic was that get into science and you see how people ridiculed for even questioning the science during the pandemic, mark levin put it brilliantly last night with sean hannity. he said we see this politics happening, especially anthony fauci who still walks on water on most networks. not this one. we looked at him as a human being who is fallible almost from day one and his mistakes were apparent to everyone except him. he said if you see what fauci is doing and have problems with that you will have problems with something else. listen. >> it will be one of the most unimaginable ironies in our history if the federal department responsible for protecting us from the pandemic contributed to creating one. and this gets to the heart of the matter. the nature of government, the nature of politicians. you see, biden and the democrats
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want to centralize more and more power. they are trying to destroy the suburbs as i speak. they want to control healthcare. they want to control energy. they want to control all these things. when people run around and talk about man made climate change and they don't have serious science to back it up, and they close down anybody who raises questions. we are going to follow the science, they say. ladies and gentlemen, news flash. the science has been politicized. and not by conservatives but by the radical left. they want to destroy our economy based on their science. brian: i always listen to mark levin he makes good points. they shut you down when you question anthony fauci for the last year you think to yourself wife are you shutting me down people have legitimate questions about anthony fauci. how dare you. you get banned from instagram and facebook and twitter if you bring this up. now they unfreeze those accounts when you bring up the wuhan lab and the same thing is going to
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have happen to climate change. people have to stand their grounds when it comes to destroying fossil fuels and our energy, the bills of energy this our country. and risk being shut down on social media because as you see, many times the science is all really about political science. and that is not science. >> lawrence: guys, the last thing i'm going to say on this is we had mike pompeo on yesterday. and i said, you know, there was a lot of back and forth going on behind the scenes. why walls the president getting into it with fauci? why were you having issues? why was the vice president? i said, did you alleluia know this stuff was happening behind the scenes? did you have intelligence he? said lawrence, you know, i have got to be very careful on this. now we know the stuff that is being released publicly that they did know what was going on. this is why they didn't trust fauci behind the scenes. ainsley: president trump kept saying he thinks this happened in a lab. mike pompeo said this shouldn't come as a surprise that the state department didn't like president trump, didn't like me. didn't like what we were doing
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because they were asking questions about the origins of this. he said the chinese have a deep interest in covering it up and they have done so pretty darn effectively. morgan ortagus a spokesperson for the. we were criticized for each bringing this up. we felt like this needed to be researched. china is still stopping the investigations and she is upset with the media. she said the u.s. media how they handled this over the last year they got it dead wrong. brian: don't include us in that we didn't. we were questionable every step of the way. 11 minutes after the hour. the border disaster is beyond comprehension when you see 5-year-olds screaming for their parents and hope a smuggler will come back to save them. see other children dropped off walls and other networks not even picking it up. you see a 5-year-old on his cell phone desperately trying to catch up with their mother who left without even telling this 5-year-old what's going on. the word is the border is open and they're walking over with biden t-shirts basically saying
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thank you, joe. they are refusing to acknowledge the problem which is the most mind numbing. so i would add this to this. they are now seeing over 17,000 unaccompanied minors and countless families and they got nowhere to put them, ainsley. ainsley: there is a hotel now that has now turned into detention center in a nice area of scottsdale. residents there are furious. no one told us. the city of scottsdale says on website according to ice officials this site is for intact families political asylum taking transportation. continue their journey for sponsor family. scottsdale has no current authority to prevent the hotel from being rented to these immigrant families. the residents there are protesting. there was a protest on wednesday. because they said they were not told. one resident said it's not just the community. i just don't think it's fair that they got to jump the line there. there are people who are waiting and have been waiting for years to get their paperwork. i don't think it's fair they get to jump the line. that's my bigger issue.
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lawrence: they keep talking about -- i don't see how it continues to maintain with this type of climate. they keep lying to the american republic, telling them everything is okay. we know that they have gone from hotels. hhs facilities. now they are putting them on airplanes paid for by the taxpayers by the way to city after city, state after state. then they don't have the decency to call the elected officials to let them know this is getting ready to happen. they it host town halls with the public let them know this is about to happen. american cities, all across the country are struggling. people, needles everywhere. your tax dollars in the middle of a pandemic by the way is going to house illegal immigrants. unbelievable. brian: they refuse to crack down on the border because a lot of policies are working with. here is one resident of scotts scale. you have got to be kidding me. no one is asking me what's going on and it's my life that's at stake. listen. >> we don't know who these people are we have been told that there will be anybody from
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1200 to 2,000 residing there. we don't know what their background is. if any of them have criminal activities. and, of course, they are at a hotel not a prison facility. so it will be interesting to see if they count the number walking in and count the number walking out if it's the same number. that's what our concern is that may be some element that we don't want in there that escape from there and, you know, we're a residential neighborhood. we have a lot of children and grandchildren here. ainsley: he said he and his wife drove by the facility when they heard about this and he said there were armed guards outside. another homeowner took pictures of unloading buses with people with backpacks walking into the facility. brian: you hear senator mark kelly saying anything? no. he is up for re-election. he is in john mccain's seat. how could people of arizona think democrats are answering their call when they are sitting there left so vulnerable. there is going to be a political price to pay. ainsley: the a.g. is speaking
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out about it. is he mad about it. lawrence: people on tiktok making fun we have become a joke to the criminal enterprise leading this effort. brian: they are making a ton of money. 14 minutes after the top of the hour. not about money for jillian. she does this for the love of news. jillian: yes, exactly. ainsley: what time do you wake up in the morning, jillian? jillian: midnight. i love it so much. let me get you caught up on some of the headlines that we are following. this one a 1-year-old girl pleads guilty to the murder in the botched car jacking that left an uber eats driver dead in d.c. the girl and another teen were caught on video tasing the 66-year-old driver before taking his car and speeding off as he clung to the vehicle. the plea means she will be released from prison when she turns 21. the other suspect a 15-year-old girl pleaded guilty to felony murder last month. overnight police deploy tear gas in clashes with protesters in
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minneapolis. hours after a police-involved shooting of a man. the driver was arrested after driving into a police squad. demonstrators lighting a dumpster on fire in the street. cvs and target are reportedly being looted. this chaos follows u.s. marshals opening fire on a suspect with an arrest warrant after he reached for a handgun. president joe biden will meet with republican senator shelley moore capito as infrastructure negotiations will continue. biden lowering his price tag for the third time down to 1 trillion which is closer to the g.o.p. counter offer of 928 billion. and later this morning, new job numbers will be released. we are expecting a hiring boom which would play a positive role in the president's push for infrastructure deal. so we will see. princess diana's wedding dress is now on display in london. diana married prince charles in 19 1 in the fairy tale dress designed by david and melinda. 25-foot strain and squares of
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thras once belonged to queen mary. the dress is on display with permission from diana's sons prince william and prince harry. send it back to you. ainsley: that's great. i would love to see that we all remember that california is gearing up to reopen but a state board just decided all vaccinated workers must still wear their masks unless all their co-workers are vaccinated, too. is that fair? dr. nicole saphier on that coming up next. brian? brian: i will take it from here. stand back because this is a story that i like. and duke's coach coach k. dancing into retirement. listen to this. the smooth moves he is about to show you lighting up the internet. we will show the video of him dancing soon, i promise. ains unains i don't believe you, brian. brian: stop clapping. ainsley: dance, coach. ♪ ♪ (burke) phone it in to 1-800-farmers and you could get all sorts of home policy perks like the claim-free discount. go three years without a claim and get a discount.
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♪ >> i am of the point of view that i still think the most likely etiology of this of pathogen in wuhan was from a laboratory escaped. other people don't believe that that's fine. science will eventually figure it out. it's not unusual for respiratory pathogens in a laboratory to effect the laboratory worker. brian: right he said that to cnn and we haven't heard from since. robert redfield said he publicly supported the idea, as you just heard that covid-19 escaped from a chinese lab. he was threatened and ostracized even by former friends. he told vanity fair, quote, i expect it from politicians not from science. dr. nicole saphier is the author of panic attack, playing politics with science and the fight against covid-19. and joins us right now. were you surprised robert
3:23 am
redfield said what he said nicole -- doctor? >> you know, brian, then director redfield was on the mark with that statement. he didn't come counsel hard on china. he didn't dismiss anything else. he gave his opinion saying this was his opinion after reviewing data what the most likely scenario was. then also giving credence to the fact these things happen. they are likely going to happen again if we don't do something about it what we didn't expect was the backlash that came when he was being truthful with his opinions. brian: right. but you experienced that personally, right? >> i sure did. when i was researching for my book i have an entire chapter talking about the origins and exploring those theories. when i reached out to several of my colleagues and friends, i had many who they wouldn't even speak to me. i actually have a good friend who i have been friends with for decades no longer speaking to me just because i ask the question could this have happened? and, if not, why not? and told me that i was promoting conspiracy theories and didn't want to be associated with me.
3:24 am
it was really telling in a sobering process throughout this entire time. brian: so much contradiction. what i find so maddening is there was never acknowledgment we find out new information and now this is what we are going to do. it was here's what we are doing. not even acknowledging that we gave you contradictory statements before. now, have you told us if we are vaccinated 98.6% not going to get the virus. the symptoms are going to be mild. you say you don't have to wear a mask, right? fine. if you are vaccinated you are taking your own health into your own hands. i believe that's the american way, that's your decision. california is doing something totally contradictory. they are going to fully reopen in less than two weeks. they should be open already a state board just decided all vaccinated workers must still mask up unless everybody gets vaccinated. that goes against the coasted science, right? here we go again. >> brian, it's interesting. if you actually look at what the california occupational safety came with, they said, yes, the -- workers can all take off their masks as long as every worker in the building is
3:25 am
vaccinated. they are citing because there are still workplace outbreaks occurring. if you actually break down where outbreaks are occurring. you know, brian, people aren't going to take them for their word for it anymore. this is all public data. if you go and look where those outbreaks are occurring the most commonplace for a workplace outbreak to still be occurring is in the hospitals, nursing home fittings and residential facilities. the places where people are actually still wearing masks and usually have the most highest percent populated of vaccine personnel. why aren't they looking at that a little bit more? why are there hospitals still having outbreaks? i can tell you, brian, it's always been not because of the patrons and not because of the general population because people like to go into their break rooms and they get comfortable and they take their mask down. one thing i would encourage california to do if you saw what happened to foster farms. they had to pay a fine of $130,000 to the state for failing to protect a lot of their employees. they had 8 employees i do from
3:26 am
covid-19. here what happens they should do. the big corporations should offer to give vaccines to anybody who wants them. make it convenient for people to get vaccinated that should incentivize people to get it make it easy, people are more likely to get it you can't keep picking and choosing which laws you are going to follow. california has 65% of population with at least one dose of the vaccine. enough cases are down to less than a thousand a day. that's been like that for a while. they have have more case of active tuberculosis in the state than they do covid-19. and that's never warranted masking. brian: by the way, still waiting two more weeks. they should have been opened may first, april 1st, march 1st. unbelievable the power these governors have. how about the message of get in shape? it's the people that are overweight make them more susceptible. so why not put that, get control of your own health and put that into the messaging? dr. saphier, congratulations on the book "panic attack is out. it's right over your left
3:27 am
shoulder. thanks for joining us today. >> thanks, brian. brian: a suspect sets a stranger's hair on fire on a bus in san francisco. the search for that suspect next. plus congressman tom just visited a dangerous jungle between south america. migrants travel through this. he will tell us what he saw.
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kidding me?! instead, start small. with nicorette. which can lead to something big. start stopping with nicorette jillian: good morning and welcome back. we have a fox news alert. just this morning two women are attacked on a new york city subway. police say a man slashed both of them with a knife during a dispute. the suspect is in custody. the attack happened just hours after two men were slashed on the same subway line. police released video of a random attack hoping someone can help track down this suspect seen here approaching a woman and lighting her hair on fire. look at this. passengers on the san francisco bus did step in to help thankfully. police say she also left the scene before they could arrive. a spokesman for the department says, quote: without the victim, when we catch the suspect, it's harder to do anything. wow. new york city mayor bill de blasio is firing back at democratic mayoral candidates at the first debate only one person
3:32 am
said they would want an endorsement from de blasio. >> just proves there are politicians now and that's what candidates, you know, candidates do what candidates do. >> de blasio said he hasn't made up his mind on if he will endorse anyone. and government officials have no evidence that an aerial phenomena witnessed by navy pilots is an alien spacecraft. they have still cannot explain the unusual movement. some lawmakers say we need to figure out what's going on. >> people immediately start telling about intrils and little green men we don't know what they are we need to know what they're. jillian: we are expected to learn more unclassified report on ufos that will be released by congress later this month. i'm so exexcited i'm dying to know if there are little green men i actually so curious.
3:33 am
brian: let's hope they are friendly. ainsley: only curious if they are green. ains. brian: absolutely. jillian you stay on this story. we have to do crime in america. it's not a good story. shootings up 86% in may according to the nypd. we know for one thing bail reform getting rid of the anticrime unit as well as getting rid of the homeless unit has added to the chaos in our cities good news is aoc is all tomplet. ainsley: she said the answer to fighting violence is to stop building prisons. she and a few other democrats including chuck schumer are saying this. listen to what she said-she is asking congress for $400,000. watch there is a lot of authors. blaming of bail reform is not evidence-based there is no facts, data to back it up. and it is not acceptable for us to use jails as garbage
3:34 am
dispostles -- garbage bins for human beings. if we want to stop crime we not building more jails. build more hospitalling. pay organizers and get people mental healthcare and overall healthcare. et cetera. it's a support community. not throw them away. lawrence: congresswomen the people aren't in the jails they are releasing them on the streets. brian: he says not the problem. lawrence: how many stowers have we done criminal committing a crime they were just released or the ankle monitor didn't work. unbelievable. ainsley: city of portland homicides up 800 percent shooting up 820%. in atlanta homicides up 63%. shooting 45%. brian: like let's blame the jail. cancer is on the rise so let's get rid of the cancer centers. of the problem is knot the jails it's what people are doing to earn of the right to get in jail
3:35 am
and bail reform allowing them to get out of jail. make prisons more of a rehab facility? sure, absolutely. could they do things with the mentally ill to keep them out of prison and maybe there is intermediary step? yes. right now the most dangerous things in our streets are the mentally ill as well as the criminal. lawrence: there are a lot of us for criminal justice reform. this is not criminal justice reform. the biggest threat for criminal justice reform is allowing criminals on the street. brian: letting aoc have the platform no experience with i don't know criminal justice. lawrence: is he playing politics as usual. ainsley: people are on edge walking the streets. brian: no kidding. ainsley: a friend in atlanta i think about it every time i go out and eat dinner with my husband that someone might come in here a tack all of us. we are a little concerned or very concerned. lawrence: more on the border crisis. biden border crisis continues more migrants making the dangerous trek from south
3:36 am
america to the gap between pan colombian a panama. the next guest has a message for the president about what he saw. tom joins us now. congressman, what did you see there on the ground and there has been a lot of talk about root causes did you get to the bottom of it? >> lawrence, irmade the trip to the rio grande two months ago and i saw the incredible migrant surge going on at our southern border. the border patrol called it unprecedented. they said you need to go much deeper down the pipeline to central america to really see what's happening. that's exactly what we did. after the rio grande trip, we got connected with michael young and chuck walton who have been down there for months. they facilitated a trip for us last week into panama. we went all the way counsel to the darian gap which separates south america from panama. and what we saw was stunning.
3:37 am
lawrence: we know former president trump's message message was if you don't get it under control i'm going to terrify you. the audience is upset because they don't feel the country is upset and american officials standing up for them. >> this is an invasion happening at our southern border. we need to remember that this starts, this starts all the way down in panama. and panama closed their border a couple weeks ago but they, in effect can't because the incredible crush of migrants that are coming from all over the world. i think one of the important points, lawrence, that i wanted to confirm is i heard from border patrol couple months ago that this isn't just people coming from mexico or central america, which i think most americans believe it is. these are people that are coming from all over the world. these are extra coincidental migrants coming from all over the world. when i was down in southern
3:38 am
panama, we saw people -- i saw a man from senegal. we heard from freedom egypt. we heard from people that they are coming from all over the world. bangladesh, eastern europe all over the world they are coming up the pipeline, starting in pan marks and they will ultimately end up in the united states. lawrence: they have got to eventually do something. we continue as a country to send these countries foreign aid and they are doing nothing to help us with this problem. congressman, thanks so much for coming on the program. >> yeah, good to be on the show. lawrence: you bet. stiff to come, standing up against critical race theory has consequences from one virginia momma meant retaliation from some of her retaliation from family members and community members. fighting to keep indoctrination out of their schools. that's next. ♪ band's got his moves back. an alternative to pills, voltaren is the first full prescription strength gel,
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ainsley: virginia parents facing backlash for speaking out against critical race theory while one of our next guests is interviewed about the controversial curriculum by fox news. look behind her. a neighbor walking behind her holding up her two middle fingers there as a facebook group called anti-racist parents of loud down county is accused of targeting parents who are anti-crt. here with more are three patience from loudoun county, virginia. we have jessica and fred and patty, patty is the president of the loudoun county republican women's club. ladies and gentlemen, thank you for being on with us. >> thank you. >> thank you for having me. ainsley: you are welcome. patty, i know you were down on the panel when i was down in your area talking about opening up the schools. now in your county you are all are talking about critical race theory. what does the school district want to do? >> so, because of the lockdown of covid we found out what our kids are learning at home. we are looming over there -- their screens and we started to
3:44 am
see that the teachers are implementing this racial division. equity at this training time to go to school board meetings and ask about what this curriculum is about. >> ainsley: jessica, we saw the video, your neighbor across the street doing that why did she do that to you? she used to be a friend of yours, right? >> yeah. i considered her a friend. some of the parents and i were asked to be interviewed about critical race theory so i had a crew out to my house. and i was explaining the personal story about how some of my family members had criticized me for speaking up. and matt turned off the camera and asked me what was up with my neighbor because she was flipping me off while i was talking. i was shocked that anyone would behave that way, let alone someone i considered a friend. i couldn't believe it. that she chose to do that over my friendship and that's what hurts the most. i mean, communities are divided. and that's what critical race theory does. it divides us into categories
3:45 am
like the color of our skin and our religion. ainsley: fred, what do you say? what does your family say to you and what is your argument against people who say if you are not for critical race theory then you are a racist? >> well so, thank you for having me. ainsley: thank you for being here. >> i think crt at its best is divisive, my biggest problem is that crt ignores the role of black for instance in the slave trade. ignores the role of abolitionist white in anti-slavery in the united states and in europe. crt ignores the role of christianity and islam in the slave trade. it simply says if you are white you have this guilt and association with something that's bad that happened to this other group that is black. if you are black, you have been dealt a band hand because of this. it's a futile argument that should have been left in europe 700 years ago to give somebody
3:46 am
the debts of their parents their ancestors they never even knew. ainsley: family says this is nod a good look. don't get involved in this argument. why do they say that. >> associating myself, fred, have you cogent arguments, yeah you should not sit next to or allow yourselves with those people, meaning rich white suburban republican women. i will align myself with 10,000 of them if they are on the right side of this issue. ainsley: jessica, is this worth it to you. your children obviously live in your house and you have neighbors right across the street flipping you off. >> it's totally worthy worth it to me. i have two little girls a kindergarten and second grader he made a choice to stand up and do the right thing and fight for what is right. and make my family proud. ainsley: patty, interest is this facebook page a group criticizing you all.
3:47 am
anti-racist parents loudoun county facebook group. what are they saying about you. >> it's really funny, they blacklisted me and called me racist. the irony in that my parents escaped communist cuba in 1961. i know what socialism looks like, and it's not a free society. it's not free speech. what this loudoun county school board is doing is implement ago curriculum behind parents, you know, we have no knowledge of what is happening. and we have gone to school boards to ask. we have asked for a town hall. they won't listen to us. what i decided to do is partner with liberty justice center and we have a lawsuit against the loudoun county school board. ainsley: what is happening in this country if you speak out and the majority of the neighbors disagree with you, you are canceled? >> yeah, it's really troubling. and first of all, let me just say that i know loudoun county public school teachers, i know several of them they work hard. i know many of the school board members have our children's best
3:48 am
interest at heart. let's talk about this thing. we cannot function in a society where if you oppose or if you want to get an idea of what somebody else is doing, then you are automatically it goes to the extreme. we have to be able to communicate with each other and talk and have an open dialogue. i want to say let's look at critical race theory examine it, use a scientific method, let our children understand it and decide. do they believe this? or do they believe that this is the greatest opportunity bastion of opportunity in the world and it was found based on religious freedom and had a horrible period of slavery or is it an irredeemably bad place that has dealt you and your friends a bad hand? let's talk about it. our children are smart. i don't want this to be one extreme left thing or extreme right. ainsley: that's education, right? giving them all sides, every story and then they can decide. thank you all so much for fighting for this and for coming
3:49 am
on. >> itm. >> thank you. >> thank you. ainsley: you are welcome. we reached out to loudoun county schools and we did not hear back. thank you to jessica fred and patty, we appreciate it. let's check in with senior meteorologist janice dean live at elmont in new york ahead of the belmont stakes. you said you were maybe going to be there. you pulled it off, janice. janice: here i am. and do you know what? it's cloudy but we are expecting a beautiful weekend for the 153rd running of the belmont snakes elmont. the post time is 649 tomorrow. >> they typically have around 70,000 people on a year that didn't have covid. and this year they are expecting about 12,000 people. and tickets are still available. it's going to be an exciting day. let's take a look at the weather. so glad it's not raining on my hat christine is the milliner that designed this fascinating fascinator.
3:50 am
there you see the rain and showers in the neighborhood across the mid-atlantic and northeast. that's going to clear out which is great news: we are going to see spotty showers this friday. and look at those temperatures across the northeast. we could break records actually not only the northeast and across the northern plains with temperatures in the 80's and 90-degree range. some spots getting 100 degrees. all right. live from belmont. the belmont stakes taking place tomorrow, saturday and it's going to be a great day. all right. any chance i can wear a hat, it's good. ainsley: you should. you look beautiful. janice: back to you. ainsley: thanks, janice. vandal caught on camera setting a combat veteran american flag on fire. he replaced it with an even bigger one and he is going to join us next. ♪ my symptoms fast
3:51 am
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3:54 am
lawrence lawrence you got to see this a veteran of arizona was in for a shock when he discovered his american flag was missing just before memorial day. ainsley: when he reviewed his security camera footage he watched someone walk up to his porch and attempt to light the flag on fire. brian: great. here with more is adam douglas. what are your thoughts? do you know this person? >> good morning, i do not know
3:55 am
this person. i have never seen them before. brian: when you saw it on the video, what were you thinking? >> i was pretty shocked. and disgusted. i couldn't believe somebody was actually on my porch and was attempting to light a flag on fire. i mean, out of the fact that it was a few days before memorial day. the flag was also attached to my house and, you know, i had concern that my house could have caught on fire as well. ainsley: is that a woman or a man? looks like long hair. >> it's unknown at this time. the police weren't sure. i got several people look at the video and can't tell if it is a woman or a man. ainsley: what does the flag mean to you? >> you know, being a veteran, you know, it means to me and especially the meaning behind it for memorial day, you know. i fly my flag all the time and it has special meaning for that weekend. the men and women who that have
3:56 am
sacrificed everything. lawrence: adam, obviously we are upset because it was a flag that was burned but this is arson like they just come up to your house and set something on fire. >> yeah. it was unbelievable. i mean, the pole was very close to the edge of my roof which is what -- it could have easily caught on fire and not being home at the time, you know, who knows what would have happened. brian: you joined the national guard in 2007. you retired last year. were just in afghanistan up until 2019. ainsley: thank you. brian: we appreciate your service and hopefully catch one this knuckle head. lawrence. ainsley: if anyone has information call police. brian: thank you. >> thank you for your support. brian: fought for our country e morgan lutttrell now running r office in texas. nexium 24hr stops acid before it starts
3:57 am
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which may mean a life-threatening reaction, or uncontrollable muscle movements, which may be permanent. side effects may not appear for several weeks. high cholesterol and weight gain, high blood sugar, which can lead to coma or death, may occur. movement dysfunction, sleepiness, and stomach issues are common side effects. when bipolar i overwhelms, vraylar helps smooth the ups and downs. ♪' much. griff: the white house standing by dr. fauci. >> dr. fauci has been an undeniable asset. >> i do not know how in the world we can continue to put credibility in somebody that doesn't acknowledge their mistakes. [phone ringing] [speaking spanish] >> he was talking to his mom for the first time. >> imagine what happens to the people that get raped and assaulted. >> california to reopen but a state board just decided all vaccinated workers must still wear their mask. they have more cases of active tuberculosis than they do
4:01 am
covid-19 and that's never warranted masking. >> small business says the city now refuses to renew his contract. >> important to pay contribute to men and women' withstand unbreakable line. brian: coach k. dancing into retirement. >> wow, i miss that music. i miss people on the court. ♪ ♪ ♪ ainsley: you love me but you don't know who i am. you get married and you find out who they really are right? brian: is that what you think it means? ainsley: no. i don't know what that means. we will have to ask them. ains i'm not talking about me. brian: this is why you never listen to lyrics. ainsley: listen to all the lyrics. i love music in church you know what i'm talking about. lawrence: i know exactly what you are talking about. ainsley: three doors down is going to perform on our show.
4:02 am
brad arnold will be here at the end of the show. brian bine we have a lot going on today. get right to it 7:00 eastern time. the white house stands by for now, dr. fauci, amid his 2,000 plus emails. many of which are, i find quite disturbing. lawrence: i just don't get it press secretary jen psaki calling him undeniable asset when pressed by our own jacqui heinrich. ainsley: and jackie joins us live from washington with more on that exchange. hey, jackie. >> good morning to you guys. the emails came from a freedom of information act request from buzzfeed and "the washington post." so many of dr. fauci's responses are fully redacted. but he has faced criticism from republicans for down playing the lab leak theory and also questioned about what he knows and when about the origins of the virus. in late of january 2020, professor christian anderson contacted dr. fauci claiming
4:03 am
that some of the features of the virus looked phonily engineered. months later anderson released a report saying the virus was not constructed in a lab. eflail april of last year a fox news report that many believe it originated in the wuhan lab before accidently escaping the email subject line is conspiracy gains momentum. sent by nih director francis collins to fauci. fauci says he wasn't down playing the lab leak but talking about the idea that the virus was bioengineered as a weapon. dr. fauci says he believed last year and still does, it's more likely that this virus jumped from an animal to human although he says we don't know for sure. and the white house defended his value amid calls from republicans that he needs to testify on the hill about what he knew and when. >> i will let him speak for himself and he has been undeniable asset in our country's pandemic response. but it's not obviously that advantageous for me to
4:04 am
re-litigate the substance of emails from 17 months ago. >> the emails come as vanity fair reports that state department officials were warned they might open a can of worms if they brought any attention to the gain of function research being done at the lab because that lab had received u.s. funding. according to vanity fair. back to you guys. ainsley: thank you so much, jackie. and also in that article thomas, the assistant -- acting assistant secretary of state department for the avc he said it smelled like a cover-up. them says don't open this can of worms, this is pandora's box smelled like a cover-up and he said i wasn't going to be part of it. brian: you do you know what i found pretty amazing looking at the emails he was actually questioned by another channel and he said emails the whole thing about where this virus came from. do you remember that? he said why was it redacted? how do i know? 10,000 emails.
4:05 am
excuse me, you have something about -- when you have something about the research in a wuhan lab in the subtitle in the subject, you think you would remember that would kind of stand out back then, and i'm sure it was something positive he would. lawrence: as you know brian and ainsley, this is all coming to the head because is he writing this book. it brings up the question. i always wondered this with everything that was going on with cuomo, why did he stand by -- he always called him the gold standard even with all the criticism. now we know. two peas in a pod. the after the pandemic. more and more information is coming out. and now we see that walk like a duck, quack like a duck, it's a duck. here is from governor jim justice he reacts to the fauci emails. take a look. >> i don't know how you could look at a camera and say one thing now when you know you've looked at a camera three months ago, six months ago, three years ago, whatever it was and said something completely the
4:06 am
opposite. and he has done that with a clear face. i don't know how you do it. if i had made a mistake, i would acknowledge the mistake before i ever said something again. i do not know how in the world we can continue to put credibility in somebody that doesn't acknowledge their mistake before. brian: and i had a chance to talk to him yesterday. we're doing a feature that's going to be on the channel and fox nation on the greenbrier which he actually owns. is he a very successful businessman along with being governor of west virginia. one of the things he said is i make mistakes. he said what i have always done is i admit my mistakes and i do. what i find maddening and ainsley he pointed this out before this hour started. he says something totally opposite that this virus is not going to be a problem here. you don't have to wear a mask. you got wear a mask. ainsley: not a lab leak, it might be a lab leak. brian: he never comes back it's bad it's risky.
4:07 am
when the never goes down in texas he never acknowledging the success. that's what grifs this governor a successful businessman crazy, too. did you have not think i was paying attention when you told me to do the exact opposite and now you are saying something different. lawrence: you can't be arrogant and wrong. such a self-righteous approach. i think the white house is banking on us forgetting. jen psaki made it very clear. we don't want to litigate this right now. we don't want to go through this. he was an asset for us back then. well maybe he really wasn't an asset. maybe he was hiding information from the public. >> as i alluded to in the first hour, we had mike pompeo on. he made it very clear look, he doesn't want to expose intention information, but they knew something. ainsley: i just wish he would come out and say look, i made mistakes. we didn't know anything about this virus, it was new to us. we didn't know what we were up against, and i didn't think we needed masks and then i realized we did. some families lost their loved ones and they are upset with him because they followed his guidance and learned later it was changing. then we learned the story broke that three of the doctors in the
4:08 am
wuhan lab noe of 2019. they went to the hospital with covid-like symptoms. then we learned that this gain of function research is happening there. and our country is giving money toward that. lawrence: which he denied. ainsley: that's when you take an animal virus and make it a super virus and then you test to see how it will effect humans in case it ever does get out. did a mistake happen in a lab? did these three doctors who went to the hospital, did they breathe in covid? did they take it to the hospital? can they spread it? we just have all of these questions and we deserve answers because so many americans and some people all over the world died. brian: especially if you are being intentionally deceptive. ainsley: correct. if you had the information and you are not being transparent. brian: if you have information and if you want to keep people away from asking questions, that's a problem. meanwhile, 8 minutes after the top of the hour, let's talk about the border disaster because that's exactly what it is. if you think it's been bad in the spring. it's going to get a lot worse in the summer. here's a story in the "the washington post."
4:09 am
huge border influxion brings fear of grim -- fears of grim summer for migrant death. guess what? we hear the story about the rapes. we hear the story about the assaults. we see the children being dropped over the walls and many people are shocked that we hear that along the way it's even worse. you talked to someone last hour, a congressman last hour and retraced the steps that these migrants are coming threw. because joe biden st. migrant president. he remain in mexico. now longer have to apply for citizenship in the country you cross into. therefore, it's open season on our borders. lawrence: they are lecturing us about compassion when they are tropic these kids off like they are amazon package. they are tropic them off across the border. they are screaming, sara carter yesterday. see this video heart breaking guatemalan boy hadn't seen his mom seven years. they finally reunite over a phone call. take a look. the mother left andwas living w.
4:10 am
and about three years ago he thought he was going to be reunited with his mom again. but then she disappears. and he felt that his mother abandoned him. so, made this journey. he is saying, by himself to find his mother. [phone ringing] [speaking spanish >> that was really tough. he was talking to his mom for the first time, i don't know. overwhelmed. she was brought it tears. when you are a mom, when you are a human being and you see that happen, you can't help but have
4:11 am
compassion. brian: how about this? why are you leaving your kid? ainsley: we don't know the story. brian: what i know right now. it's not a good start. lawrence: i said this yesterday. different standards. we talk about assimilation. if american mom did this to her child, she would not see her child anymore. brian: ever. lawrence: he it she wouldn't deserve. ainsley: that's not necessarily true. if a child goes to live with their grandmother and the mom wants the child back, i would say judge is going to give the mom her child. brian: she abandoned the kid. ainsley: did you hear what she said to her son she said hello, my love. lawrence: listen i was on the c.p.s. board in dallas county for two years. and when we had parents that abandoned their kids, the state had a burden to prove that the mother was fit to keep that child again. you cannot abandon your child for seven years and then expect us to reunite to get -- i don't
4:12 am
think that's compassion. ainsley: the government definitely needs to step in and find out why are these group of kids coming without a parent. he didn't have his grandmother with him. he doesn't have his mom. why are they letting groups of kids. it's so dangerous. imagine your child, your 5-year-old your 3-year-old and 9-year-old in a group you don't know where the group is and out in the middle of nowhere. brian: 9-year-old felt so desperate they had to go on their own through the most perilous trail possible to reunite with a mom who is shocked to get a call from him because an american reporter like sara carter lent her cell phone. not a good start. i guess is he our responsibility now. 12 minutes after the hour as we bring up a democratic congressman whose district is at the border who is desperately trying to get the attention of a democratic president that this is chaos. and needs to be addressed. listen. >> you know, again, and what we are seeing at the border is only a snapshot of what happened to people. imagine the hundreds of miles that they go without any u.s.
4:13 am
intervention like we have here at the border. imagine what happens to them when they are doing the drut dangerous trek through mexico. imagine what happens to the people that get raped, get assaulted, you know, including adults and young kids? we are only seeing a snapshot. we don't see what's happening in those countries. lawrence: this is a democrat. he has been very critical of the biden administration. he has also leaked a lot of the footage of these facilities. he has also talked about immigration reform. but he has made it very clear. what's happening at the border cannot continue to happen. what these kids are going through and the biden administration, this is now a bipartisan issue. now you have issues saying enough is enough. brian: they are also lying to us saying they are turning around single men. turn them around? where is the proof you turning them around. title 2 put in place during the pandemic to give people a legal
4:14 am
reason to give up -- give our border agents hey we are in the middle of a pandemic have you got to go. this is health concern. when title 42 goes by the board. then you think it's bad now, it is going to come one, come all central and south america. and by the way romania. how are we getting romanians? lawrence: this is why they are making fun of us on tiktok the criminals are making fun of us because they know there is no consequences. ainsley: residents in scottsdale announced residence residents just learned being filled with migrants and families. 1200 beds there riding by and seeing security guards outside of this hotel and buses with people coming in with backpacks. they are putting them all over the country because there is no more room. lawrence: didn't talk to the residents about it. brian: we will just right the checks for that on deficit spending. 14 minutes after the hour and here is jillian with other news.
4:15 am
jillian: let's begin with this story. a woman shot at miami banquet hall earlier this week has died. peterson third person to die from sunday's mass shooting. more than 20 others were hurt. the shooting was caught on surveillance video. police are still looking for the suspect. it's one of many recent shootings in the area prompting miami-dade officials to crack town on violent crime with an initiative called operation summer heat. tyler some were bureau is hospitalized after being hit in the head by a line drive. we do want to warn you this video is tough to watch. >> that's good logic. here is a line drive right up the middle off of zombro. >> that was not a pretty sight. jillian: the 2-year-old falling face first after impact. players on both teams were visibly emotional. the game was suspended. is he in stable condition. 17 cities in los angeles county have issued no confidence votes in his distinct attorney george
4:16 am
gascon. they reform policies. effort to recall gascon recently began as a county registrar gives the campaign be a green light to go public. 590,000 signatures are needed from l.a. county voters within 160 days to trigger a recall election. now, if that happens, the election could be some time next year. and then there is this story. one louisiana high school teacher goes above and beyond for a student on graduation day arrived with leather sneakers but told he couldn't enter without dress shoes. that's when teacher john butler stepped. in he gave the student his dress shoes so he could walk with classmates on his big day. the school now says they are reviewing dress code policies for future graduations. wow, what an amazing story. brian: that's great. it's too bad it came to that. ainsley: a teacher who did that for his student. lawrence: teachers we love. brian: also, always bring an extra pair of shoes.
4:17 am
ainsley: or get a gown that's longer and you can't see the shoes. brian: exactly. don't hem. lawrence: thanks, jillian. america's coach coach k dancing into silver retirement the moves lighting up the internet. ainsley: served navy seal alongsides had twin brother. morgan luttrell doesn't want his service to our country to end there his plan to head to capitol hill. we will talk about it next ♪ ♪ egy for copd. ♪ birds flyin' high, you know how i feel. ♪ ♪ breeze drifting on by you know how i feel. ♪ ♪ it's a new dawn... ♪ if you've been taking copd sitting down, it's time to make a stand. start a new day with trelegy. no once-daily copd medicine has the power to treat copd
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4:21 am
>> i'm very concerned about this bill that comes out straightforward saying that all of us, everyone here, has to
4:22 am
accept as fact that racism is blatantly happening everywhere in public health in this state? racism has been a public health crisis since the founding of this country, not just last week and not just throughout the summer of 2020. >> fierce debate on the floor of the connecticut state house this week as lawmakers pass a bill declaring racism a public health crisis. our next guest is one of the lawmakers speaking out against this measure. connecticut state representative kimberly joins us now. good morning to you. >> thank you. good morning. ainsley: you're welcome. so you were one of the 33 who voted against this bill. why? >> this bill declares to the world really. it truly is a desperation that the state of connecticut has a racism problem in its public health and right now, in fact, our governor has, you know, is
4:23 am
exercising extra controls, extra powers because of a public health crisis emergency, thanks to covid and we -- this to me is this is critical race theory in our laws. and it's just reprehensible and it's quite offensive to the great people of connecticut and to the people i represent in greenwich and stanford. ainsley: what's in the bill? >> the bill makes this declaration as a fact and goes through and creates councils, advisory councils, commissions, task force, five of them to go through and reduce racial disparity in our state by 70%. it's written right here that our goal is set forth to reduction of 70%. why just 70%? and after that it does also say in a different section one of the tools that will be used is something called cultural humility. this will be implemented in the higher ed programs in
4:24 am
connecticut. and this is about self-evaluation, critique of one's own world view. and awareness of power and imbalances. i have parents in stanford concerned about critical race theory in the school system. i'm telling the good folks of connecticut that we are seeing critical race theory in our legislation and my call is for people in connecticut to let our governor know that we don't want him to sign this bill and make this declaration, you know, to the world. i mean, how do you invite people to come and do business in connecticut who live here, raise your family here at the same time we're going to declare that racism is a public health crisis here? ainsley: how do they plan on reducing racial disparity? >> well, one of their plans is to implement programs like cultural humility. but it will go through and come up with ways to reduce racial
4:25 am
disparity. in fact, that's one of the things that i said on the floor debate which is that disparity is a natural state. there will always be differences. but the beautiful thing about being american, is that in our country, we are call before the law. we see each other as call. equal. live liberty and the pursuit of happiness. and that is the proper role of government to protected individual rights. it is not the proper role to go out and make a declaration that the state is racist and to go through and find ways to eradicate racial disparity. this is critical race theory. it's extremely divisive. it's not what we want. and to me this is not a harmless bill with nice commissions and task forces. this is a -- this is a thought
4:26 am
police component. this is truly divisive in our communities. and we have seen many legislation. there was legislation based on racism in zoning laws. and it's insidious and it's in every legislation. this is the most blatant. and i am asking, you know, connecticut residents to tell our governor do not sign this bill. ainsley: representative, thank you so much for coming on with us. >> thank you. thank you. ainsley: you are welcome. coming up, he fought overseas a as navy seal alongside his twin brother lone survivor marcus luttrell. now morgan luttrell is eyeing a new mission in congress. ♪ ♪
4:27 am
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4:31 am
jillian: good morning and welcome back. a 12-year-old appears before a judge the first time. ordering the boy to be held in secure detention for 21 days. this as we learn the foster home where the boy was housed was also caring for unaccompanied minors crossing the border. the united methodist children home given a grant of $7 million to provide for unaccompanied minors. well, this boat catching fire off everglades. two people jumped off shipped and floated in the hour about an hour before the coast guard was able to rescue them. the alberto were traveling to the bahamas when their engined stopped and started smoking. boat quickly went up in flames.
4:32 am
the cause of the fire has not yet been determined. a pro-police small business say they are being singled out in portland for displays thin blue line decals or work trucks. christopher collins joined me earlier on "fox & friends first." listen. >> i think it's concerning to corrupt ideals or imagery that had original good intent. jillian: city refuses to renew contract call the flag outward display of white supremacy. that's a look at your headlines, brian, send it back to you. brian: thanks so much, jillian. we all know him as the lone survivor. we know his brother marcus lulu tremendously twin brother morgan luttrell. heroic navy seal both. morgan wants to serve his country in a new capacity and setting his sights on the nation's capital. >> i'm morgan luttrell and running for congress. we need experienced tough leaders in washington who will stand up for what's right and always put america first.
4:33 am
brian: there you go retired navy seal turned texas house candidate morgan luttrell. you are making the big move. kevin brady is going to retire in 2022. you feel like you could fill that seat. why is this the next best step for you? >> it's a necessity. congressman brady stepping down in our district this is my home. i was born here and grew up here. we need strong leadership to fill the roles of those great people stepping away after their long terms. and after much discussion with my family and praying on it, we made that decision. made that the decision for the very same reason i searched in the armed 40s for our country. and to support and defend the constitution of the united states. brian: what you have done already and have you done it with a gun in your hands in afghanistan. and have you done it for this country in uniform for 1 years. what did you learn working with governor perry as a special adviser when he was energy secretary and is he a personal friend of you and your family?
4:34 am
>> quite a bit, actually. is he such an amazing individual. one thing that i learned while working at the department of energy is how important cybersecurity infrastructure is for our country. one of my biggest platforms is the threat to our country for cybersecurity. we have been seeing it over the past couple weeks with the colonial pipeline. the jbs meat factory and yesterday the subway in new york. those are 9/11 attacks without the body count. we need to be taking a hard look at cybersecurity to defend ourselves. wars fought in the future may not be planes and guns it will be the push of a button. brian: one thing you are used to taking decisive action. it's hard to lead in a body of 435. have you thought about that? i know you went to the harvard business school and got your leadership certificate. sam houston university. you were adjunct professor there. you are in control. are you willing to -- is it going to be hard for you to make
4:35 am
that adjustment should you get that seat? >> adjustments will need to be had. most certainly. it's going to be a team effort. i honestly believe as a conservative i will have to create a defensive posture in d.c. that's absolutely necessary. but, in the words push conservative agendas and do what's right for our country. the republican party needs to come together like we are and like we have been in the past. and fight for what's right. brian: what did governor perry say to you and what role did he play in you making this move in your life? >> well, the first words out of his mouth if i remember correctly are you sure? and once i said yes. he gave me such great perspective on things since he spent his entire adult life in politics. and he is definitely a shoulder that i lean on for advice. brian: right. so is marcus going to give up some of the spotlight? is that possible?
4:36 am
>> i'm looking forward to walking down the halls of congress with him and if i just accidently make a corner he is still standing there having somebody approach him and say congressman, i need you to do this and see how he reacts. brian: here is the twin thing. it works. >> it's a twin thing, yes, sir. brian: absolutely. morgan, bust of electric. i know you love challenges, this is another one of them. i know you are a good listener, that's part of being a great politician. and you would be replacing a very effective politician in kevin brady. one of the nicest guys you will ever meet. has he endorsed you? >> absolutely. congressman brady has -- he doesn't endorse candidates. we have spoken. i have gotten a lot of great advice from him. and what he has seen and done. and i will just leave it at that. brian: cybersecurity will be your number one issue. that is kevin brady. you are a lot taller. good job, morgan, thank you. >> thank you. god bless. brian: you got it coming up straight ahead, ufos still a mystery according to a new
4:37 am
military report. they have nailed it down to alien or new hypersonic technology. we will weigh in with ufo expert will cain. coach k. bringing down the house with big dance moves. the retirement celebration that's just getting started. ♪ ♪ brian: there you are about to see it. there you go. now we are done. ♪ ♪ all right ♪ nicorette knows, quitting smoking is freaking hard. you get advice like: try hypnosis... or... quit cold turkey. kidding me?! instead, start small. with nicorette. which can lead to something big. start stopping with nicorette not everybody wants the same thing. that's why i go with liberty mutual — they customize my car insurance so i only pay for what i need. 'cause i do things a bit differently. wet teddy bears! wet teddy bears here! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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4:42 am
last season. ainsley: people loving his dance moves. gone viral. 9,000 likes on twitter. are they dancing because they love him or they are happy he is leaving? i'm kidding, i'm kidding. i know the answer. they love him. they love him. brian: right. lawrence: come on, ainsley. ainsley: i'm just kidding. >> lawrence: being tough on ainsley today. ainsley: right. you everywhere tough on brian yesterday. you brian was tough on you and now you are tough on me. lawrence: spread the love. ainsley: will, who are you going to be tough on. will: i am for ainsley and lawrence. [laughter] brian: usually you bring this up in meetings. very rarely on live television. will: i go directly behind the scenes to h.r. [laughter] brian: that's fantastic. if you can find them. i don't know who is in the building these days. so, will, first off, let's talk about coach k if we can does he lead the most successful coach ever and what about saying i
4:43 am
don't want a farewell tour but getting a farewell tour? will: that's the trend. that's the move, brian. i feel like everyone has done that listen, i'm going to be retiring so you can celebrate me for the next year every time i leave one of your stadiums. i don't blame coach k it is a trend. yeah, he goes down if not the greatest of all time college coaches, then one of a few handful who would be in the running by the way that viral video can we say for a moment it seemed odd techno coach k but that's what they play at cammeron indoor arena the dance song. i don't think he was that bad he did a couple fist pumps up in the air what was so crazy? ainsley: facebook has announced they are going to stop shielding moderation after the trump ban and start telling users when they have received a strike. how do you feel about this? will: more censorship.
4:44 am
more regulation of speech. ainsley, more quote, unquote, fact checking. of you know, i asked this question in the latest edition of the will cain podcast which just went this up morning at fox news podcasts and i'm saying this hyperbolically but it does serve a point. who has a better record over the past year quote unquote conspiracy theorists or journalists skeptical of the group think required. facebook fact checkers would have labeled the origins of covid. they did label the origins to covid as. [broken audio] as conspiracy theories. they have been incredibly restrictive about any questions on the vaccine. my point is i don't want to hand them more power. i understand private company and one treating differently than they are. not hand them more power. politicians and regular people should be treated the same anyway. treated with freedom and not
4:45 am
censorship. lawrence: that's a good point. you have been at the forefront of these ufo sightings. now the u.s. military. brian: and a target. lawrence: u.s. sight by the navy pilot could be alien or new hypersonic from china or russia but not a secret government project. tell me, will, what do you think on this? will: okay, lawrence, i don't know that i'm at the forefront of the issue. ainsley: i called you a ufo expert. will: i heard that. commercial break. what i would say is i'm open-minded on their, lawrence. 120 sightings coming from people, you know, in the words of the modern day fact checkers and journalists serious people like military personnel who have seen this. and what they are saying is we don't know. we can't explain it. they are not saying it is extra industrial. checking off possibilities that
4:46 am
it is. it doesn't look like u.s. experimental technology. leans to extraterrestrial or china or russia who has taken a leap. ainsley: did you see that interview with the fighter pilot in the plane with another guy and she said she saw it right in front of her and then all of the sudden it scalped. she sudden i would have thought i was crazy but he saw it, too. will: yeah. not exactly billie bob saying he got beamed up and an experiment going on. somebody to keep your mind open as to what they are telling you. brian: right. i just hope they are friendly people. lawrence: i don't want to be -- brian: i don't want them on our welfare system. [laughter] brian: we don't need any more burdens. will: opened up a whole new avenue to immigration debate. brian: according to report you are going to have 8 hours to fill and i only see three guests to promo. morgan ortagus bob woodson and jason chaffetz. do you want to see anything
4:47 am
about them. will: i'm going to give them a little bit of time but as you know i like to you can that. other three hours i have got you covered. if you listen to the will cain podcast me unfiltered. the only one comparable is somebody who has a three hour radio show plus a three hour television show every day. brian: i talk to other people at least i do interview. will cain talks to will cain on his podcast. ainsley: brian's advice to us, lawrence, the show is about me, it is my show, if you all want to participate you can after i talk. brian: i have never said that. lawrence: it's true. brian: unbelievable. ainsley: i think lawrence is working with you this weekend, too. will: i think so. lawrence: you will have your hands full. ainsley: check in with janice dean for fox weather forecast live in new york belmont stakes in elmont, new york. lawrence: look at that hat. ainsley: hey, janice, you look beautiful. janice: thank you so much and thanks to christine moore my official milliner for this
4:48 am
wonderful hat. you know i love a good had at the racetrack and this is the belmont stakes. the 153rd running of the belmont stakes happening tomorrow. 6:59 is the post time. we will not have a triple crown winner the horse has to win the three races the kentucky derby, the preakness and the belmont. that won't happen. since i have been to all three races i will be your triple crown this year. take a look at the weather. thankfully the rain has moved offshore. we could see some showers and thunderstorms across new york later on this afternoon. for now for my fancy hat all is clear. take a look at what we're going to be dealing with later on this afternoon into this evening. showers, thunderstorms for the mid-atlantic, it is going to warm up, my friend. with temperatures in the 80's and 90's. this early in the june season, i mean, that's pretty tremendous, especially across not only the northeast buff the northern plains where we are going to break some records this weekend with 90's and 100 degrees. all right. we are live in elmont for the belmont tomorrow.
4:49 am
happening on saturday. back inside. lawrence and brian, and ainsley. brian: all right. lawrence: flawless. ainsley: great job we learned she has her own personal milliner. brian: i have been fired. do some background checks. 12 minutes before the top of the hour. still ahead geraldo rivera and general jack keane they don't look anything like alike. lawrence: how does $10,000 sound. tim shillue says you can make it yours with the fox bet super 6 quiz show. that's next ♪ go on, take the money and run ♪ my plaque psoriasis... ...the itching ...the burning. the stinging. my skin was no longer mine. my psoriatic arthritis, made my joints stiff, swollen... painful.
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brian: the fox bet super 6 app. is giving you another opportunity to win $10,000 in a quiz show game. lawrence: all you have to do is answer six questions correctly on a wide variety of topics. ainsley: fox nation host tom shillue is here with more happy hour shows streaming now exclusive access to other original content, convenience
4:54 am
and your favorite personality on any device. let's bring him in. good morning, tom. >> good morning, ainsley. yes, i'm plugging apps this morning not just the fox nation app. but the fox bet super 6 app. is so easy to download. easy to start playing and you can win $10,000. ainsley: that sounds great. brian: it's a good combination. do you want to start with questions to give us an idea what the quiz show is like. >> here you go, predict the future. which horse was the best finish at the belmont stakes essential quality? hot rod charlie rom borrow, rock your world rebel. ainsley: b and did. are popular. brian: rock your world. lawrence: hot rod charlie. ainsley: who is d. rock your world. brian: why pick that one, lawrence? steve: i like the way it sounds hot rod. reminds me of me. brian: which has nothing to do with this segment. >> question number two which
4:55 am
fast food stock is going to have the best close today friday gain or loss. not the highest stock percent gain or loss. chipotle, mcdonald's, wendy's shake shack or starbucks. lawrence: starbucks. brian: starbucks. you can actually sit in starbucks i think starting this week. ainsley: they don't have a dollar menu and they don't have happy meals. brian: dollar door charge just to walk. in. [laughter] >> okay. here we go. who is going to have the top pop song on itunes saturday by atm, bst, olivia, justin bieber or dozier cat. lawrence: bieber, that's easy. ainsley: all right. we will go with him. i like -- brian: i will pass. >> three other questions. so fun. you predict the future.
4:56 am
the answers come in fast and furious. and can you win $10,000 if you are right. brian: all right. ainsley: everyone needs it everyone could use 10,000. brian: all right, tom shillue, some day i will see you in person. >> right. we hope. ainsley: thanks, tom it. 7:55 on the east coast and it is friday. that means we have got "fox & friends" all-american summer concert series. we have a performance with three doors down. ♪ ♪ ...
4:57 am
4:58 am
4:59 am
5:00 am
ainsley: former state department leaders reveal that they were warned not to pursue an investigation into the origin s of covid. >> of course it was an antagonistic of the president's position. >> they put politics before the lives of american citizens. >> china expanding their nuclear arsenal in preparation for what they see as an intense showdown with the united states of america. >> racism has been a public health crisis since the founding of this country. >> just reprehensible and it's quite offensive to the great people of connecticut. >> i'm running for congress. made that decision for the very same reason i started the armed forces for our country and to support and defend the constitution of the united states. >> your breaking news of the day, it's national doughnut day. >> dunkin is offering a free classic doughnut while krispy kreme is giving out a free doughnut of your choice.
5:01 am
>> ♪ ♪ ♪ brian: you're looking at louisville, and do you know it was named after king louis and if it wasn't, i've been brutally mislead, but i do think it was. ainsley: are you believing everything on wikipedia? will: it is extremely nice and the kentucky derby is there, it's no longer, its now moved the race horsing world, the race horsing world? ainsley: okay wait a minute. no the kentucky derby, well okay , yeah, but the kentucky derby will always be there. brian: as far as we know. ainsley: but a part of the series is in belmont so that's, it sounded like you were saying it will no longer be in louisville. brian: did you understand what i meant? >> no, i didn't. well because i have to agree with ainsley. ainsley: thank you, lawrence. brian: you two are ridiculous. i will say this we are going to
5:02 am
close this hour with three doors down, they are one of the great bands that we have, very loyal to us, very loyal to donald trump too. in 2016, they showed up at the inaugural, where a lot of people and others said it wouldn't be good for our careers. >> they just wanted to perform. brian: they're good. >> exactly. ainsley: a big story we're talking about covid and the origins this morning. brian: you know, let's follow that story and dr. fauci, amid all these thousands of e-mails, thanks to a freedom of information request from buzzfeed and he's getting some pushback from a wide array of folks. >> apparently the press secretary didn't get the memo. jen psaki calling him an undeniable asset when pressed by our own jacqui heinrich on this. ainsley: and jacqui join us with washington with more on their exchange. reporter: good morning to you guys. there's also aside from the e-mails separate revelations that came in a vanity fair report this week and now two former u.s. officials also tells fox news that there was an
5:03 am
effort, among some state department officials, to oppose an extensive inquiry into the lab leak theory. the man they accuse of obstructing the probe, former acting undersecretary forearms control and international security chris ford denied any effort to quash an inquiry into the lab urge o ins. now the news comes as dr. fauci is also facing pressure from republicans to testify about what he knew and when after his e-mails were released through a freedom of information request. many of his responses are fully redacted. one e-mail, from april of last year, sent by nih director dr. francis collins to fauci references a fox news report saying multiple sources believe coronavirus originated in the wuhan lab before accidental ly escaping. that e-mail has the subject line "conspiracy gains momentum." >> the position of the administration and their top health experts that this was not engineered or , in fact an open question and part of this. >> let me just say on dr. fauci
5:04 am
, and his e-mails, e with will let him speak for himself. it's obviously not that advantageous for me to re litigate the substance of e-mails from 17 months ago. reporter: so, collins now says that he was not downplaying the theory that the virus originated in a lab, but was referencing the rumor that perhaps it was engineered as a bioweapon. fauci says he always believed and still does that it's more likely that the virus had natural origins but says that at this point, we just still don't know. back to you guys. >> jackie thanks for asking the question that many won't ask thanks so much. brian: jacqui heinrich thank you, meanwhile four minutes after the top of the hour, geraldo rivera now joins us. geraldo: hey, brian. ainsley: good morning. brian: mostly stays in ohio these days and i don't blame him it's beautiful and a battleground state. geraldo your thoughts about the new pressure that fauci is feeling at this hour? geraldo: i think first of all, brian, shame on the rest of us.
5:05 am
my goodness, here is the proposition, that this virus started in the one wet market in the same community as the one lab doing research on this virus it is preposterous, it was preposterous from the get-go. i accused the mainstream media. i accused the government spokesman. i accused everyone in authority of overlooking the obvious. this thing, probably started right where logic says it started in the lab, in the town, where it obviously escaped that lab, and i think that the reasons for us averting our attention from that obvious is that the mainstream media did not want to help donald trump. the narrative that this virus escaped a chinese government lab helped donald trump, because donald trump was blaming china. the press and the left wanted to blame donald trump, so by
5:06 am
blaming donald trump, you couldn't blame china. this was obvious, brian. we averted our attention. brian: don't say we, geraldo. we've been talking about this from day one about the lab. i can give you tom cotton here, last february about the lab. geraldo: they have tom cotton coming? listen, this thing is a scandal that will go down in history. we have many unanswered questions. what, for example, is the united states of america doing funding that virology research? did we not want to vigorously investigate what happened in that lab because we were funding it? why were we funding it? at what point did the w. h. o. understand that there was person-to-person communication? why for three weeks was the world mislead? i think that this is a huge,
5:07 am
huge scandal. we need a warrant commission, scale, investigation of what happened. brian: they won't do it. geraldo: they have to. ainsley: so tom cotton was canceled because of this. donald trump kept saying it because he was pushing this narrative of the lab, the mainstream media, to your point, wasn't covering it. congressman kevin mccarthy says this. >> they put politics before the lives of american citizens. we have to know the truth to this. we have to know why it started. the rest of the world needs to stand up and america and especially in congress, we should be the very first and we should be locked hand in hand. it should not be a question about republicans or democrats, because those thousands of americans who died from covid-19 , how many lives could have been stopped if we would have went after and found out from the very beginning where this originated, what were the facts, and the world health organization influenced by china didn't lie to the world. ainsley: geraldo that has to be hard to hear if you lost a loved one recently because of covid.
5:08 am
geraldo: right, but ainsley, isn't that the kind of message we needed to hear, in january of 2020, in february of 2020 shouldn't we have heard all of our elected leaders saying exactly that, that this thing is too dangerous? look at the mortality, ultimately what happened 600,000 dead americans, 4 million dead across the world. we have to know how it started to prevent it starting again. were they researching bioweapons even if they weren't doing something so malicious, isn't it obvious that somebody messed up? someone let a virus stick to their shoe or took it home in their lunch pale, and then when it started there was this frantic effort to cover it up. where is patient zero? where is the first person infect ed with this virus? >> many of us were doing that. many people, on fox, when you have marco rubio, cotton, the president, mike pompeo,
5:09 am
saying all of this , but the people that are entrusted, the mainstream media at large, they didn't do. brian: they let us down. >> so will there be accountability for them? geraldo: but that's my point. remember the dryfus case, the jewish officer, who was framed and then meazola, the hey orish publisher, says that i accuse the mainstream media here of intentionally averting their glance to what was happening and the wuhan virology lab because they wanted donald trump to lose the election. ainsley: it's political. geraldo: i think it is that political. brian: geraldo i'll say this to backup your point. josh rogan washington post wrote a book about it. he could not believe he couldn't get his colleagues to pick-up the story, that they weren't even asking the question. anthony fauci doesn't have the answers to his own e-mail questions, and was going to publish a book out in november, basically how to handle the
5:10 am
pandemic. he's as tone deaf as governor cuomo. geraldo: did, in fact, three chinese lab technicians get sick in that lab in november of 2019? are they patients one, two, and three? is that where it started? is that how long the cover-up goes? and then the world health organization, did they do any inspection? any investigation other than listening to the communist chinese handlers of these medical technicians who were there? it is a scandal that will unfold we need to know what happened in that lab. >> should fauci be hired? i'm not saying he had malicious intentions but there's definitely an effort to cover up what really happened. he wasn't transparent even when rand paul was pressing him, he tried to split hairs instead of being transparent. geraldo: because, lawrence, i think he is basically an honorable person. i have a hard time believing
5:11 am
fauci covered up vital information and then allowed the world, let me finish. was he indeed trying to obviscat e, cover up the fact that we had invested over $3 million in this lab from 201? why was the united states of america investing in communist chinese lab doing this perilous work. what the hell were they going to find out about this virus that be so useful that it justified an american investment of millions of dollars. brian: and their economies, yeah. geraldo: we need big, we need big on this. we have to understand what happened. this could be the crime of the century. so many dead people. >> but forgive me, geraldo, are you saying he was naive then? this guy, we let him shutdown the country. he can't be that naive. geraldo: lawrence? i just have a feeling about the guy. i don't think he's dishonest but
5:12 am
he may have been manipulated by his technocratic colleagues in china, hey, we can't let people think that what we've been doing so so dangerous, okay, well we better hold off and let's see , you know? i have deep suspicion, i don't trust anybody on this anymore. i want a broad investigation with real powers. if the chinese, indeed, are neglect enough to have caused this chaos, this mayhem, this historic carnage, then they should pay the price. brian: i is are have john cena asking for transparency. jillian: good morning let's begin with a fox news alert. just this morning, two women are attacked on a new york city subway. police say a man slashed both of them with a knife during a dispute. the suspect is in custody. the attack happened just hours after two men were slashed on the same subway line. >> a 13-year-old girl pleads
5:13 am
guilty to murder in the botched carjacking that left an uber eats driver dead in d.c. the girl and another teen were caught on video, tasing the 66- year-old driver before taking his car and speeding off as he clung to the side. he was thrown from the car and killed. it means she will be released from prison when she turns 21. the other suspect plead guilty to felony murder last month. >> google is facing backlash for not firing the head of diversity over controversial comments. in 2007 she wrote anti-semetic posts in a blog that is reportedly still online. the post is titled, "if i were a jew." google announced bob be removed from his position as global lead for diversity but would remain with the company in a research role. that's a look at your headlines i'll send it back to you. brian: google in trouble. all right thanks jillian. meanwhile, the biggest cryptocurrency conference ever is kicking off today in miami, with tens of thousands expected
5:14 am
to attend, susan li with our sister network, fox business, joins us live from miami with more on what to expect, susan. what is it like so far? reporter: hey, brian. well i can tell you that bitcoin and cryptocurrency mania is raging here in miami, so the doors are about to open on the largest-ever cryptocurrency event the planet has ever seen. we're expecting 20,000 come through these gates over the next few days but i can tell you at 8:00 a.m. there are hundreds already lined up around the block, and they are being attracted here by some primetime speakers, you have jack dorsey, floyd mayweather and famous skateboarder tony hawk and in case you haven't heard, bitcoin and cryptocurrencies have taken the financial world by storm over the past year, being called the new digital currency, also new digital goals, and who can blame them, a lot of money the past year up 300% for bitcoin, up more than that for ethererum and other cryptocurrencies as well so these are believers that think
5:15 am
that this is the future of money , but as you know, with all things and investments and asset management, it's buyer beware. >> you don't understand what you're investing in you probably shouldn't be investing in it but when people learn, even if they come from traditional background s, they often change their minds. reporter: yup, so bitcoin, ethererum all the cryptocurrencies now worth $2.5 trillion. that's worth more than apple and it only took them 13 years. so yeah, i guess there's a lot of energy here in miami today. back to you. brian: all right, susan, thanks so much appreciate it. ainsley: thank you, susan. brian: they just keep on popping up more and more. ainsley: i have a friend who bought 25 bitcoins in the very beginning, worth almost 1 million. brian: right. ainsley: incredible. brian: take a loan out. ainsley: maybe i can jump on her yacht one day. president biden expected to push putin after the u.s. is hit again by a russia-based ransomware attack. what should we expect?
5:16 am
we're going to ask general jack keane, coming up, next with brian. before nexium 24hr, anna could only imagine a comfortable night's sleep without frequent heartburn waking her up. now, that dream... . her reality. nexium 24hr stops acid before it starts, for all-day, all-night protection. can you imagine 24 hours without heartburn?
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5:20 am
brian: so the white house promising to press vladimir putin on their upcoming summit june 16 over recent ransomware attacks stemming from groups inside russia. so, president biden finally stands up to the former soviet state, are they sending a message to him. fox news senior strategic analyst retired four star general jack keane here. jack, june 16 we're going to have this , this summit, and they're trying to send a message , it seems, and they say, to us leading up to it. what are they trying to express? >> yeah, well, russia is fundamentally, as a national
5:21 am
objective, is trying to undermine western democracies and particularly the united states, and these cyber criminal attacks are part of this massive cyber warfare campaign that russia was using as an instrument of national power to disrupt and undermine the united states democracy and our institutions and the people 's confidence in them. it's a massive campaign that they conduct. they use their military intelligence gru and their fsb kind of like our cia, brian, as their primary government hackers and then there's two other parts to the program that come into play. they hire and contract out cyber criminals, they did this with al exi bilan in 2017 who hacked into yahoo and stole 500 e-mail accounts. the united states fbi indicted this guy, of course the russians have done nothing about it, and then the third thing is what we're seeing now, and this is widespread criminal activity that the russians tolerate and they sanction. they do nothing to prevent it.
5:22 am
why? because it contributes to their overall objective. it's breaking down people's confidence in institutions and you saw what happened with the pipeline, certainly where we had a massive disruption on the east coast. russia certainly knew about that , and certainly tolerating it. the biden administration has to come to grips with this entire thing that has taken place here, and just calling it out at the summit is not going to be enough putin will deny it. he will say i have no control over that. he will deflect it just like he did with president trump. we need to do more than that. brian: well, they hit cattle, they hit meat, obviously. they hit oil & gas. they mess with the ferry system, and they are also here with the mta. pharmaceuticals are very susceptible. we know about our lighting grid but we got this thing called our own offensive cyber abilities. why don't we blinking their lights? that seems to be the only thing that he would understand.
5:23 am
>> yeah, certainly. calling out putin and holding him accountable for this has not taken place yet. that's step one, do it publicly and also do it privately. step two is go on the offense as you suggest. we should direct cyber command which has our offensive cyber capability, they used it during the 2018 elections the russians were trying to undermine and also in the 2020 elections, and we've been told publicly that it was successful. they should attack the cyber infrastructure of these criminal organizations and shut them down temporarily and if we continue to persist in doing it, it'll eventually become a deterrence because every time they pull the trigger we shut them down. brian: yeah. >> and that will have an impact on them. and then we should sanction them this taking down our utility grid on the east coast, we should sanction russia's oil & gas industry and the people involved in it. hurt these guys where their pocket book is. that needs to be done.
5:24 am
and the last thing is, we need some legislation to incentivize these private firms to harden their defenses, brian. particularly those who are supporting our critical infrastructure as we saw with the pipeline and we've got to have a better exchange between the private sector and our government sharing data and information. brian: right away, what about a punch list in order to do something that affects national security like oil, gas, and meat , and now pharmaceuticals. real quick, on china. they put out a statement, i'll paraphrase. "we want to develop a nuclear arsenal to be able to make american cities shiver." why are they like this now, what message should we get from that and what should the pentagon glean from this? >> well this is a china state- owned piece. they tend to be bombbastic, explosive, very confrontational and we have a significant over match on china's nuclear
5:25 am
system. they have a few hundred, we have a few thousand, we've got about 1,500 deployed. they got a couple hundred. the reality is china is improving their systems but there's no evidence they are going to get into a nuclear arms race with the united states. the real issue here is we have weaknesses not in nuclear deterrence but conventional deterrence because we have a conventional war with china, because they want to take advantage of us. that could lead to a nuclear exchange. that's the danger we have. we've got to sure up the fact that china is out-gunning us and out-manning us in the western pacific. the biden budget is coming in with some of the initiatives that the commanders out there have asked for , brian but they aren't doing all of what is absolutely needed, and it has to have a sense of urgency. we need to protect our bases out there with missile defense systems. we need long range missiles ourselves to take the chinese down, and their land base as well as their maritime fleet. that is something that is
5:26 am
essential and needs to be done as soon as possible. brian: absolutely, got real threats out there, and we can't overstate that enough. general jack keane thanks so much. >> yeah, great talking to you brian have a wonderful weekend. brian: as usual, thank you. meanwhile fox news alert as businesses across the country struggle to hire, a crucial may jobs report is just minutes away we don't know what it says, we know what to expect.
5:27 am
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ainsley: june is pride month and here at fox, we are shining a spotlight on those in the lgbtq plus community who work to encourage love and acceptance. michael tumero, senior vice president of fox news media, interviewed ty hernden, one of country music's most engaged activists and michael joins us with a live look at ty's life and his story. michael you're down in jupiter, florida and you look tan and amazing.
5:31 am
>> it's another horrendous day in california. someone's got to do it. ainsley: i love the number one song last year, called orphins of god. it's so beautiful. tell us about it. >> he did, ainsley. he's been knocking out hits for over 20 years, he's still writing music but also working with teens and families to help raise awareness, and offer support to members of the lgbtq plus community. let's take a look. >> ♪ there's a love revival ♪ >> ty hernden, recording artist he's charted 17 billboard singles since 1995. >> ♪ ♪ including three number ones and seven top 10 hit on the u.s. country charts. >> ♪ ♪ he's also country music's first openly gay star. >> you also spent a large part of your early career in the closet. what was that moment that you
5:32 am
decided you needed to come out finally? >> there was just something in the bones that still wasn't right and i couldn't walk on stage anymore and just kind of pretend. >> you thought about actually walking away from it all? >> yeah, i felt like the music kind of beat me up. i had signed up for a master's real estate class and i pulled in that parking lot and carrie underwood "so smallest the song came on. >> ♪ ♪ >> it just takes a wisper if you're listening sometimes and that led me to drive my truck out of that parking lot and by the end of it , i had got a grammy nomination from pulling out of that parking lot, so i always tell kids, you know, dream big, sometimes it doesn't work out but there's another dream, but just a little crack in the window. the whole world can come out. >> ♪ love is all that matters after all ♪ >> hernden came out in 2014. >> it's all about love and acceptance. >> has worked to raise awareness and support for lgbtq
5:33 am
and families ever since. >> ♪ ♪ >> in 2015 he started a first of its kind annual country music event to support the lgbtq community. >> it is an evening of hearts, gay, straight, whatever pick-up truck you drive you're welcome if you love everybody. >> for this year's concert for love and acceptance, what can we look forward to? >> we're going to be playing some new music for you that speaks into some hard things but also speaks into the healing of the possibility of changing your ending, because you can definitely change your ending. >> and ♪ and the world i'm living in ♪ >> this years show closes out pride month on june 30. >> for me pride has been such a celebration of life and diversity one of my favorite months of the year especially in new york city where i'm from, but ty some this year are calling for a ban on members of the nypd from actually marching in this years parade and there's a movement toward a protest.
5:34 am
>> there are great police officers out there and there are great americans out there. who knows what the to do any more. you just have to continue, number one, educating yourself. open your mouth, educate yourself on what you're talking about and just get one opinion, look at both sides and makeup your own mind and make it up in a loving way. >> you know, ainsley, ty is in studio working hard on his latest album which he wrote during covid called "jacob" based on the story in the bible about love and hope and believ ing in something bigger than yourself and he says it's the best work to date that he's done, and i can not wait for it to drop on august 1. ainsley: that's amazing. you know the bible says hope, faith, and love the greatest of these, is love. thank you for bringing that to us. >> thank you. ainsley: you're welcome. for more stories like this you can head to it's 34 minutes after the top of the hour and still ahead, is coke too woke? one country commissioner, one county commissioner, sorry, in north carolina, he thinks so and
5:35 am
he's going to join us next on the decision to ban coke's vending machines in that county. [sfx: psst psst] allergies don't have to be scary. spraying flonase daily stops your body from overreacting to allergens all season long. psst! psst! all good
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back pain, and fatigue. ask your doctor about nucala. find your nunormal with nucala. jillian: good morning we have a fox news alert the may job report just released. the u.s. adding 559,000 jobs last month. that's less than economists expected, and the unemployment rate falling to 5.8%. >> police released video of a random attack hoping someone can help track down this surveillances seen here approaching a woman and lighting her hair on fire. other passengers on the san francisco bus did step into help , but police say she also left the scene before they could arrive. a spokesman for the department says, "without the victim, when we catch the suspects, it's harder to do anything." >> michigan governor gretchen whitmer vetoes a bill that would exempt high school graduations from state capacity limits. the democrat called the republican-backed
5:40 am
legislation, "half-baked and punch less." outdoor gathering limits were lifted in michigan this week but indoor gatherings remain at just 50% even as u.s. covid rates drop to the lowest level since march 2020. >> and your very important breaking breakfast news of the day. it is national doughnut day. >> sir i'm going to have to ask you to exit. jillian: stores are giving away delicious deals, dunkin' is offering a free classic doughnut with the purchase of any beverage while krispy kreme is giving out a free doughnut of your choice and you can also double up on another freebie if you're vaccinated. lawrence i'd be lying if i said i haven't had a doughnut yesterday. >> you know i love donuts. >> chocolate. >> thanks, jillian. now this. it's called too woke, siri county in north carolina banning coca cola machines over the company's opposition to the georgia's voting law. joining us is one of those
5:41 am
county commissioners from siri county, eddie harris. i've got to ask you this , commissioner. there was a little bit of confusion about is it a boycott? you say this is just a response to them trying to cancel the republicans, right? >> well, yes. absolutely. perhaps it may lead to a boycott , but this is simply our attempt to pushback at coca cola for their actions and being out in front the opposition to the georgia election law, as well as the woke, the collapse to the woke cancel culture in the united states. >> yeah, so what made you actually tackle it this way? >> well, as i said, coca cola brought on this , and obviously, being a county commissioner is a very local position. it's grassroots politics and i
5:42 am
contend that all politics are local, so we decided we want to pushback against this woke cancel culture of pushback against coca cola because they were one of the ones out front, and so we decided to remove the coke machines in surry county, basically. commissioner as you know politic s is local so what are the residents in your county saying? >> well, the response here has been overwhelming. actually, it went viral yesterday, and, i mean, i received hundreds if not thousands of e-mails and phone calls, and from all over the nation but locally its been very very supportive. our citizens support this and they're absolutely sick and tired of this outrageous left wing mob that is attacking freedom of speech, that is attacking people's jobs, it's completely out of control in
5:43 am
this country, so this is a reaction to that as well. >> yeah, so we reached out to them and we actually got a statement from coca cola. this is what they say, " representatives from our local bottler have reached out to the county commissioners and they look forward to continuing their productive conversations with those officials" and commissioner, you have said that you guys are also considering other companies as well in this debate, so thank you so much for coming on the program. we look forward to seeing what impact this makes in your community. >> thank you very much for having me. glad to be here. >> you bet. you know, it's always funny when we have janice dean so let's check in with our senior meteorologist janice dean, live from new york, ahead of the belmont stakes this weekend for our fox weather forecast. >> janice: awww, it's into us to see you lawrence. one of these days you have to come to elmont for the belmont. this is i think my fourth or fifth year and do you know what for fox & friends covering the
5:44 am
belmont, but i had one of my first dates with my husband here , about 20 years ago, so the horse races are really special to me, because i kind of fell in love at the belmont. all right, let's take a look at the forecast, because it's a little cloudy today. we are expecting some showers in the neighborhood later on this afternoon, but we are expecting a spectacular day for the belmont stakes tomorrow afternoon, of course the big race will start at 6:49 p.m., it's the 153rd running and the final leg of the triple crown, so that's going to be great. we'll have about 12,000 people here, typically, on a year without a pandemic, about 70,000 people can fit into elmont at the belmont stakes so we'll be excited about that and tickets by the way are still on sale if you want to come out here. the other big story is going to be the heat. we're going to get into the 80s and 90s this weekend across the northeast as well as the northern plains and the upper midwest where we'll set some daytime highs this weekend. it's going to be really hot. a little preview of what's to come.
5:45 am
all right, lawrence my friend, cheers to you and one of these days you'll have to come out and wear a jaunty hat at the belmont stakes. >> i will, i'll see you soon. up next, the all-american summer concert series is back, with a performance from three doors down. that's next. >> ♪ ♪ nicorette knows, quitting smoking is freaking hard. you get advice like: just stop. get a hobby. you should meditate. eat crunchy foods. go for a run. go for 10 runs! run a marathon. are you kidding me?! instead, start small. with nicorette. which can lead to something big. start stopping with nicorette we believe at newday usa we have a noble purpose. we want to be known as america's mortgage company
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bill: i'm bill hemmer good morning on a friday two house republicans pushing the white house on wuhan we'll talk to one of them about that. want to stop crime, build fewer jails. that's the suggestion from aoc, we'll debate that and they are out there but what are they? an early report from the ufo's straight interest your government coming up and what now for the economy, what now for the biden agenda, maria bartiromo, our friday money team , and john boehner who knows a few things about herding the kanye wests see you in a few minutes, top of the hour, right here. ainsley: you know three doors down, from their hit song "here without you" and"when i'm gone" but the one that started it all is the song cryptonite, on their first studio album the better life. >> its been 20 years since that album hit the shelves and now
5:50 am
the band is heading back to tour to celebrate. brian: you can never take anything for granted especially of this last year, joining us is the founder and lead singer of three doors down, brad arnold. brad has been a couple decades, you can't wait to get back. what's this last year been like, not being able to perform, maybe for the first time in your adult life? >> [laughter] its been a long year. its really been a long year and we are so excited that things are coming back and that the concert series is getting back on tour, and venues are starting to open backup, fans are ready for music and we're ready to go play. ainsley: i know y' all formed in 1996 in mississippi. your song, everyone loves your songs, and the first song that you ever wrote was it cryptonite >> it was, that was our first single as well as one of the first songs i did ever write , the fourth or fifth song i wrote as a teenager, and who knew that we'd still be playing that song 25 years later, and celebrating the 20th year anniversary of the record that
5:51 am
it was on. >> i know that the audience is looking for that new album that maybe coming out but they can also get tickets for the better life 20th anniversary tour on sale today at 10 a.m., local time. so what are you going to be singing for us today? >> we're going to go back to this tour and play the entire better life record as well as the other hits that the we've had over the years that people expect to hear, and i think when you hear some a little bit of kryptonite this morning as well. brian: fantastic and some of the cities you'll be in are? >> oh, man, we are hitting every region in the country. a lot of texas dates, a lot of california dates, a lot out west and upper midwest, a lot through the northeast, southeast, there's really not a region that we're not covering. the tour starts in ohio, which is one of our favorite states to play in, and so we're ready to go. ainsley: brad how do we find out information about the tickets? >> you can go to 3 doors down .com as well as any of ticketmaster sites as well as if
5:52 am
you hear about the venue having us you can go to a lot of the venue websites but the best place to go is the 3doorsdown .com to find those brian: brad thanks so much, now this. >> thank you, all. >> ♪ well, i took a walk around the world to ease my troubled mind, i left my body lying somewhere in the sands of time, but i watched the world float to the dark side of the moon, i feel there's nothing i can do, yeah ♪ ♪ i watched the world float to the dark side of the moon, after all i knew it had to be something to do with you, i
5:53 am
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5:54 am
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5:55 am
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6:00 am
the wuhan laboratory. >> you talking about the job numbers that came out. >> 559,000. >> lower than expected. enjoy your weekend. >> i'll be on the weekend brian you are welcome to come. we'll have the good time. will cain, charlie shimkus. we'll see you all. >> happy friday. >> we have two seconds left. >> bill: 9:00 in new york. may jobs report is in. news is good, not great. we added more than half a million jobs. that number falls short of expectations. analysis now. good morning, dana has the week off. it is friday. a big welcome back to you, gillian. >> gillian: thanks for keeping me around for day two. i will try and not fall too short of expectations this time around. >> bill: terrific yesterday and repeat it today. >> gillian: this is "america's newsroom." the labor department is now announcing the u.s. gained 559,000 jobs in may.


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